6 DIY Wine Cork Crafts

I don’t know about you, but I drink a lot of wine. And with each bottle I add one more cork to my collection. Dropping into a draw to mingle with my spatulas and whisks in the kitchen, the corks seem to be piling up. Soon I will need to find them a less crowded home.

Why do I save the corks you ask?

  1. Out of pure habit – I’m a bit of a pack-rat
  2. To remember the different wines I’ve tried

Here are 5 Do-it-Yourself Wine Cork Crafts:

Cork Board

Spotted by Moms Budget

wine cork message board

Place Card Holders

Spotted by Bell Maison 23

Wine cork name place holders

Bath Mat

Spotted by Crafty Nest

cork bath mat

Animal Decorations – Giraffe

Spotted by 9bytz

Coffee Table

Spotted by Crafts For All Seasons

cork coffee table

Or if you are feeling really adventurous try this advanced crazy cork craft:

Comfy Chair

Spotted by Vinography

cork chair

Have you ever made something from your left over wine corks?

Check out more DIY wine cork craft ideas on my Pinterest Page and pin some of your own!

5 thoughts on “6 DIY Wine Cork Crafts

  1. Ok, that Comfy Chair is out of control!
    Yes, I have a TON of corks, I make the standard cork boards, and cover the bottom old trays with corks.
    Thanks for sharing these ideas. Cheers!

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