Need a Little Passion?

Pink little bubbles and a sweet citrus nectarine flavor to sass up any night.

Noble Estate Passion

Looking to sweeten things up this Valentine’s Day? Try Noble Estate Winery and Vineyard’s 2011 Passion. A light pink blend with 4% residual sugar, this wine features notes of stone fruit, apple and a kiss of strawberry on the finish.

Though I don’t typically drink sweet wines, Nobel Estate’s Passion is a perfect Valentine’s Day treat and for $19 it is a delicious addition to any romantic evening with its festive color and playful bubble. This wine recently took a silver medal at the 2012 Portland Seafood and Wine Festival.

Serve chilled with a side of fresh fruit and cream for a light, sassy and ever-so-perfectly-pink evening.

Noble Estate is a small, family-run winery located just 2 miles south of Eugene. Producing a wide range of varieties from Pinot Noir to Merlot and Pinot Gris to Riesling and a handful of sparkling wines, Noble Estate creates quality small-batch wines for all tastes. Their tasting room is open seven days a week from noon – 5 p.m. or order online.

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