Raski: Nepalese Rice Wine

I just returned from a seven week trip touring and trekking in South East Asia!

And after a severe drought of wine during my travels, nothing tasted sweeter than a glass of Oregon wine. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t give some local wines a try as I roamed about.

In Nepal at a traditional dinner celebration with dance and music, I tried Nepalese wine, also known as Raski. Less like wine and more like a stiff sake, Raski knows how to kick it back and heal legs soar from hiking in the Himalayas.


Served in a bhatti glass and poured from more than 3 feet above the small saucer, the wine is traditionally distilled kodo or rice and tastes like a blend of vodka and gin with a touch of pepper and herbs.

Prepared locally and often at home, this wine is drank both ceremonially and for celebrations.

As I readjust to life in the northwest, look for more articles about both international and Oregon wines!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. i am inordinately fond of Oregon reds. go you.

  2. Trip sounds great! Could use some Oregon Pinot Gris right now!

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