12 Cork Crafts for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to string the popcorn garland, unpack the glitter coated ornaments and hang the stockings. As your home springs to life in Christmas colors, this year trade in the cherry apple red decorations for something a little more wine hued with these 12 cork crafts for Christmas.

Also don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win a wine cork crafting kit just in time for the holidays.

(Valid until Nov. 30, 2012 – 5 p.m.)

12 Cork Christmas Trees

Cork Christmas Trees

11 Wine Cork Candle Holders

Wine cork candle holder

10 Charmed Cork Ornaments

Charm cork ornaments

9 Rudolph Christmas Characters

Rhodolph cork craft

8 Cork Carolers a Singing

7 Cork Candle Stick Photo Holders

cork candle stick photo holders

6 Wine Cork Spreaders

wine cork butter spreaders

5 Mini Christmas Cork Trees

cork christmas trees

4 Cork Wine Glass Charms

cork wine charms

3 Wine Cork Stoppers for Gift Giving

Wine Cork stoppers

2 Christmas Cork Wreathes

Wine cork wreath

1 Wine Cork Chandelier

Wine cork chandelier

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I guess I need to start saving my corks instead of recycling them!

  2. Where is the “love” button? These are adorable. Who knew I could do that much with the pieces of my advent calendar?! http://ca-mg4.mail.yahoo.com/ya/download?mid=2%5f0%5f0%5f1%5f10693838%5fANkNiWIAAA67ULd2DQqyvQ8ysZ8&pid=2&fid=Inbox&inline=1&appid=YahooMailNeo

  3. Lovely article! One of the image links seems to be broken 😦 wine cork candle holder.
    Thanks for this article!!

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