Swedish Hills Blue Water’s Chardonnay

While Utah is Zion to some, it’s a wine-lover’s hell. Going on a year and half in this desert oasis, I’ve been on a bit of a wine hiatus and missing it dreadfully. Luckily for me, I have some great friends around the country and few near some great wine.

One of my oldest-friends who now lives in Baltimore, Amy, brought me two wines from the Finger Lakes region when we reconnected for a quick weekend over a friend’s wedding celebration in Oregon. And so far, I like what I’m tasting.

I’ve never visited the Finger Lakes before and to my recollection have never tried any of this small wine regions products. The first bottled I opened was a light and crisp Chardonnay by Swedish Hills.

A family-owned and operated winery located it Romulus, New York, Swedish Hill has been growing grapes since 1969 and crafted their own wines since 1985. In the last decade, the winery has swept the local wine awards with five “winery of the year” accolades in as many years from various publications and organizations.

An easy drinking white wine, Swedish Hill’s Blue Water’s Chardonnay is a light and bright wine. Stainless-steel fermented, the wine has an aromatic nose of tart apple, citrus and melon. On the palate, the wine sparkled with a light acidity, delicate structure, and notes of tropical fruit, pineapple, and a bright herbal finish. At only $11.99 a bottle, I’d drink this once a week in summer if I could.


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