2020 Anthony Koster Chardonnay

Somehow summer has come on hot and fast and my wine refrigerator is underprepared. It is filled to the brim with rich red wines made for cozy winter nights and dinner parties. While I love red wine year-round, the other day I was craving a cool white wine to enjoy as the evening started to enveloped the day-time heat.

With nothing specific in mind, I picked up budget-friendly wine from a local grocery store. This 2020 barrel-select California Chardonnay by Anthony Koster was a mild, medium-body white wine and fit the bill for the night. Featuring honeysuckle and lemon on the nose, the chardonnay balanced the traditional creamy oak with zesty citrus notes. The wine finished with a light mouth-feel and a juniper, also gin-like, mild acidity.

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