Kick off Your Fourth of July with a Festive, Patriotic Wine: A Review of Charles & Charles 2014 Rose

To start off this festive week, I snagged a fun, patriotic wine to enjoy: Charles & Charles 2014 Rosé. The bright pink color and tribute to the American flag caught my eye on the store shelf.

It’s been blazing hot outside here in Eugene, and our house doesn’t have central air conditioning (yet!). To manage the heat, I love sitting on my patio, sipping a glass of wine as the sun goes down on the wetlands behind our home.

The sweet smell of rosé, the sun setting and the temperature dropping was so welcomed.

On the nose are lively, invigorating scents of sweet, ripe watermelon with wild cherry, reminiscent of Jolly Rancher candies from my middle school days. Taking a sip, there are fruit-forward flavors of raspberry and slight strawberry accompanied by the Charles & Charles 2014 Rosé tartness of grapefruit. This acidic, crisp wine was a refreshing finish to my day. I would have sat outside long into the evening had the automatic sprinklers not chased me inside.

This wine would be a great crowd pleaser to bring to your Fourth of July party!

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