A Family Picnic at Brigadoon Winery

My husband and I don’t get out to wine country as often as we’d like, now that we have two young boys. Bringing the kids along for an afternoon of wine tasting isn’t at the top of our weekend list.

However, one gorgeous, warm day in April, we chose to venture out to wine country with the kids. We had been to Brigadoon Wine Company once before and remembered it being a good spot for families.

So we packed a picnic and hit the road.

After a short 30-minute drive through the country, we pulled up to a quiet, lovely craftsman-style winery nestled into the hills of the south Willamette valley.

A sweet, golden retriever, Gracie, greeted us. My three-year-old son quickly befriended her and we followed Gracie in.

It didn’t take long before the boys found the toy box, tucked nicely under a side table in the tasting room. Matt, the winemaker, was there to pour and warmly received our family, squirrelly kids and all. My hubby, Jason, and I purchased a bottle of Lylee Pinot Noir to share.

Alongside the tasting room building is a terraced lawn and landscaped garden area with picnic tables and adirondack chairs that overlook a secluded, peaceful canyon.

The kids were free to play in the grass, pet the dog and play with toys. We nibbled on fresh strawberries, pretzels, hummus and corn salad. (And of course PB&J for the kids). The Lylee was light-bodied, fruit-forward and just lovely for a warm spring day.

This laid-back, quiet spot nestled in the valley was an ideal spot to spend a Sunday afternoon with my family. And of course, the drive home was just as peaceful with two sleeping boys in the back seat.

Shelly's boys sleeping after afternoon in wine country

About Brigadoon Wine Company

Located just northwest of Junction City on a 66-acre farm with 15 of those planted in vineyards, Brigadoon Wine Company is an easy drive from Eugene. Started in 2008, Brigadoon produces two wine varietals in a father and son affair. From rich and fruity Pinot Noirs to its lovely Pinot Blanc, the winery serves high quality wines that won’t break the bank.

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