Youngberg Hill’s Pinot Blanc

This crisp, citrusy white wine is an instant summer classic!

Youngberg Pinot Blanc

If you closed your eyes and breathed in the aromas of Youngberg‘s Pinot Blanc, you’d think you were waking up on a lake shore with the wind softy blowing at sunrise. It’s aromatic notes of grapefruit, grass and petrol swift through leaving only summer lingering on the mind like the warm of the sun. Then it’s flavor profile takes your palate there. With full-bodied flavors of stone-fruit, citrus and heady minerality, the wine envelops the mouth. And the finish lingers briefly before slowing falling off with hints of tropical fruits.

Fermented in 50% neutral oak and 50% stainless steel, this Pinot Blanc also shows off the best of both worlds. The mouthfeel is silky with touches of vanilla from the oak yet still retains the fresh fruit flavors of the grape variety thanks to the stainless steel. With just enough acidity and alcohol, the wine’s finish (especially the first few, cold sips) leaves the mouth with a nice zing!

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  1. Spot on Kelsey. This Pinot Blanc seems like a classic American treatment of the varietal. I hear from the winery they are only selling it in the tasting room and will be gone soon 😦

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