Moving on with Kramer Wines

I recently moved to a new house in Portland out on the East side with two strangers from Craigslist. To celebrate and get to know each other, I opened a trio of some of my favorite wines by Kramer Vineyards. Like my new roommates, each of the wines brought a new flavor and flare to the palate and to the flat.

Starting with Kramer’s 2010 Brut Sparkling Wine, we enjoyed the tart citrus fizz and fruity flavors of this 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir blend. Welcoming notes filled and prepped our palates as we settled in, already more comfortable with each others’ company.
Next we popped the cork on Kramer's 2009 Pinot Gris. Chill and mellow, this white wine was personality-perfect for one of my new roomies. Featuring food friendly notes, the Pinot Gris was round with a balanced acidity from its 9 months of aging in neutral oak.

Finally to finish the night, we opened Kramer’s 2010 Heritage Pinot Noir. My beard-clad, beer brewing roommate adored this wine. Swirling and sniffing like it was his favorite brew – and matched with earthy dark fruit flavors, it was an easy glass for him.


Celebrating 30 years in Oregon Wine, Kramer Vineyards knows how to bottle high quality wines that are unwavering each year yet allows each new vintage to show off its personality. And after moving more than once a year, I made sure to cheers with their wines in hope that some of that trusted longevity will rub off on my new home.

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