2009 Amity Vineyards’ Pinot Noir

Drink up Oregon wine county’s rich history in Amity Vineyards’ Pinot Noir.

Amity Vineyards Pinot Noir

One of their two ECO-Wines, Amity Vineyard’s 2009 Pinot Noir is bright and green with notes of cherry, red fruit, cola and a little fresh earth. The color, like squished black cherries, and aroma of black licorice and spiced cherry cobbler, make the seemingly simple wine complex as layers peel back with each sip – even without oak aging.

Using only certified organic grapes, Amity’s ECO-Wines are produced without the addition of sulfur dioxide, commonly known as “sulfites,” which helps to stabilize and preserve the wine. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, the wines take on the true characteristics and flavors of their varietals and flourish as easy-drinkers.

A pioneer in Oregon wine country, Myron Redford started making wine at Amity Vineyards in 1974. Grown and made famous on their now robust stalks of Pinot Noir, the vineyard is known for its high-quality, fruit forward wines in the heart of wine country. The tasting room is located just north of the vineyards namestake in Amity, Oregon.

Read more about Amity Vineyards and their wines in my upcoming article in Take Root Magazine.

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  1. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve had an Amity Pinot! Being from Toronto (Canada) it’s not easy to get . But I just search for it online at our provincial retailer and they have the AMITY VINEYARDS PINOT NOIR for $24.95! I’m off!!!

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