Cheers to Sunshine and Lavelle Vineyards’ Wines

As spring and summer start to roll in, wineries all around Oregon are releasing their new vintages and serving up customer favorites. For Memorial Day weekend, I visited LaVelle Vineyards at its tasting bar in the Fifth Street Public Market and enjoyed their 2012 Chardonnay and 2010 Northwest Duet.

Lavelle’s new Chardonnay featured lovely fruit-forward notes of honeysuckle, lemon zest and and tropical fruit. Served in a chilled, granite ice-bucket, the wine was refreshing and delightful in the warm sunshine on the patio.Lavelle3

Along with a delicious Margarita pizza served from Le Bar and shared six ways, my family and I also sipped Lavelle Vineyard’s 2010 Northwest Duet. A 50-50 blend of Pinot Noir (Oregon) and Malbec (Washington), this wine brought rich, red fruit, bright raspberry and black cherry to the palate and an undertone of oak helped to bring balance and body. Lavelle2

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