Wanderlust White in the Wild

Lightweight in both size and flavor, this white blend is easy to drink – and pack – while on the best adventures!

Wanderlust White at Crater Lake

Produced my Naked Winery, the Outdoor Vino Wanderlust White features savory, light notes of summer fruit – melon and honeydew. With a lingering note of minerality on the finish, the off-dry white wine is crisp like high altitude winter air. This is a nice, simple white blend – no over thinking while you enjoy it and the outdoors simultaneously.

Also at one sixth the weight of a traditional wine bottle, the Outdoor Vino bottle is durable, recyclable and easy to carry for a picnic or hike. BPA free, screw cap and only $15, this is a wine that you can easy grab and go!

I took the Wanderlust White snowshoeing up at Crater Lake and it drank – and played- nicely with friends.

Want to know what other wines to take outside? Read my article: “Wiking: Is the Wine Worth it?” and find out more about Naked Winery’s other wines.

Now get outside and explore!

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