4 Wines to Drink While Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Hours and hours of time are spent each holiday season perusing the grocery store isles for that perfect wine to serve with the golden bird. Yet only 15 minutes – if that – is spent savoring that pairing before elbows start to fly, chatter commences and the cranberry sauce and gravy start to blend. So why worry?

More wine is consumed in the kitchen prepping the big feast anyway, so this year lets focu on those friendly wines that get the evening moving. For gosh sakes, you have 4 hours of prep time so you might as well enjoy it!

Forget the turkey, snack on this list of sippable, kitchen comfort wines that will help turn friends into family and family into friends as the holiday heats up and you wait for that timer to ding DONE!

Quady North Viognier

Fresh like a cucumber, Quady North’s Viogner starts off the cooking day with notes of stone-fruits and citrus that blends for a beautiful mouthfeel. With nice acidity, this wine is great to sip while snacking on soft cheese or those ever-so-temping cashew nut trays.

A to Z Chardonnay

Fermented in stainless steel, A to Z’s Chardonnay features lovely floral and citrus aromatics – that will only add to the beautiful smells floating around the room. Bright and beautiful, it hits the tongue with juicy tropical fruits, honeysuckle and a touch of minerality.

Raptor Ridge Rose

A versatile wine that might just make you blush, Raptor Ridge’s Pinot Noir Rose tastes with notes of strawberry, watermelon and touch of vanilla. Showing off a balanced, cool acidity, this dry rose helps to prep your palate for the savory meal to come.

Sokol Blosser Evolution White

A white blend that bubbles with personality, Sokol Blossers Evolution is crisp and fruit-forward on the palate and teasing on the tongue to be sipped with food. A combo of 9 different grape varieties, the wine unfolds with lovely layers without being to complicated to enjoy simply as a glass of wine.

Once all the bottles are open and the potatoes smashed, all of these wines also transition beautifully from kitchen to table – that is, if there is any left by then!

What is your favorite kitchen wine?

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  1. I agree that I usually like something white (or pink) when I cook. Not sure why that is….

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