A Wicked Pairing: Halloween and Wine

From sexy costumes to sultry chocolates, Halloween has turned up its “hellish hot” dial in the past few decades – at least for those over the age of 21. Now instead of the ghoulish goblins and villainous vampires (and anyone dressed up as a character from the Twilight series doesn’t count), on all hallows eve we now have 1920s pin-ups and smokin’ fire fighters. And while I’d never complain about a pillowcase full of candy, my palate for the holiday has changed too.

Bring on the frightening good wine! So for this year I’m following the trend and pairing Naked Winery’s luscious wines with my Halloween celebrations – and it’s bound to get a little risque once the corks pop.

Start the Halloween party off right with a little Foreplay.

With a crispy apple flavor, touch of nuttiness on the finish and a soothing balance of acidity, Naked Winery’s Foreplay Chardonnay gets the evening rolling with its light and easy nature. Sip this juicy number with party-pleasers like popcorn balls while you and your friends get flirty bobbing for apples strings.

Blindfolded couple try to eat apple

Get down, dirty and Merlot

Now that you’re warm and the party is started, it’s time to bring on the chocolate. Whether you stay in and snitch mini Hershey bars and Twix candies from the Trick-or-Treaters’ stash or you head out on the town, pour a glass of their 2009 Merlot to compliment your sweet tooth. With a tight blend of cherry and plum on the mid-palate and a finish of spice and smoke from the wine’s oak aging, this Merlot flirts in your mouth like a jazzy Louis Armstrong tune or the she-devil/ripped lumber-jack costumed duo hanging out in your hallway.

Naked Winery Merlot

Leave em’ with a sweet Tease

Now that you have the holiday party wrapped around your little finger, tease them with Naked Winery’s Riesling and like puppy dogs they (or just that special someone) will follow your lead for the rest of haunting night. With a lingering tropical flavor like seductive summer fruit, hot honey and pineapple, this Riesling gets you bopping and juiced up to head out (or in) for the night. Also if you haven’t figured out a costume yet for Halloween, here’s a fun 1989 group suggestion that this wine might just lead to!


About Naked Winery

Located in Hood River, Naked Winery focuses on making high quality wines that “enhance the romance of wine by pleasing the palate.” They create wines that taste good and make you feel good – without taking life too seriously (I appreciate that!). With vineyards in the Willamette Valley and Rogue Valley in Oregon and Columbia Valley in Washington, Naked Winery produces eight varieties of wine under two labels.  With a provocative brand, Naked Winery gets the senses and interests peaked easily before opening and with prices ranging from $15 – $28, one of their bottles are sure to please – or should I say palate haunt this Halloween.

What are your favorite wines to pair with Halloween?


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