10 Things I Learned at #WBC12

Bringing together over 300 wine geeks – from industry members to writers and general wine lovers – the Wine Bloggers Conference, this year in Portland, Oregon poured with excitement. As you can imagine, the event was filled with delicious wines from across the world along with writing workshops, winery tours and general wine-centered mischief. But over the course of three days and four long nights, oh did I learn from my fellow wine bloggers.

Here are my top 10 lessons from #WBC12:

1. Tasting wine with other wine bloggers is one of the best ways to learn about wine.

2. When there are over 100 wines to taste at an event, never have a full glass. You will just ruin your palate quicker.

Chahalim wines3. There are more wine varieties than I possibly could have fathomed or even hoped to pronounce – not to mention taste.

4. An iPhone can be your best friend when tasting wine. Photo records are the best way to remember all the wines you enjoyed from the night before.

5. Your eye position can be just as important to smelling wine as your nose.

6. Being a young wine writer has its advantages and disadvantages. People nag you about your age constantly but that just means you have that many more years to keep drinking and tasting new wines.

7. Voodoo Donuts and wine pair surprisingly well – especially for breakfast.

8. There is such thing as an after party after an after party.after party invite

9. Speed dating wine is where it’s at – and if you are really non-committal, you can just spit it out.

10. When wine bloggers unite, they can make the world hear and drink better! The #WBC12 hashtag trended worldwide on twitter for several hours during the conference.

Look for more posts coming up soon from my experiences at the Wine Blogger’s Conference.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicholas Gates says:

    love your rule for #9.and #7 as well !

  2. Love these!
    I also learned that I CAN stay up after 3 a.m. for three nights in a row, even if I am not in college anymore. 🙂 (Great wine and bubbles help!)

    It was great meeting you!!

  3. I think you now may qualify as an expert when it comes to after parties after an after party!

  4. ek1lemitofo1979 says:

    Reblogged this on Johnnesia Marion Pages and commented:

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