3 White Wines to Beat the Heat

Awww….summer is in full swing here in Oregon. This week blessed us with over 90 degree weather for multiple days in a row. That means lake time, barbeque, park reading…and lots of chilled white wine. So to say cheers to all my fellow sun worshipers out there, here are three white wines to help beat the heat (and keep some money in your wallet).

Nobilo 2011 Sauvignon Blanc

A wine from the greener side of down under, Nobilo’s 2011 Sauvignon Blanc goes down smoothly and leaves your parched month refreshed and ready for another sip. Filled with stone fruit flavors balanced by grass tones as green as its home state of New Zealand, this wine is crisp like a coastal breeze that satisfies on even the hottest days. Dry with a touch of zest on the finish, Nobilo’s Sauvignon Blanc is available at most major grocery stores. I’ve found it at WINCO, Fred Meyers and Albertsons’ on sale for between $8 – $10.

Eola Hills Non-Vintage Pacific Blanc

An Oregon grown wine, Eola Hills Pacific Blanc is a steadfast and solid sweet-white blend with notes of tropical fruits and peaches – it tastes as if you bottled a Hawaiian and Georgian vacation together. With medium body, this white wine is perfect for late summer nights as the sun sets when the heat still hangs in the air. The coolness and medium acidity cuts through the humidity and its sweetness makes it ideal as a dessert glass when food no longer sounds good. For around $5.50 at WINCO, this wine is definitely no budget breaker – making it a great every night wine for July – September in Oregon.

Eola Hills Pacific Blanc

Santa Rita’s 2009 120 Chardonnay

A young, clean and brilliant Chardonnay from Chile, the Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay speaks directly with fruit flavors including pear, apple and pineapple along with a finishing edge of cream that brings life and body to the wine. Retailing at most grocery stores around $9, it’s an easy wine to bring home, stick in the fridge and open up whenever the hot sun gets to be too much.

Santa Rita Chardonnay

What is your favorite white wine for a hot summer day?



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