2009 Tinhorn Creek Cabernet Franc

A luscious, deep wine of cooked cherries blended with desert earth tones.

Tinhorn Creek Cabernet Franc 2009

With a vibrant, deep red color, Tinhorn Creek’s Cabernet Franc is elegant and aromatic like a 1920s party. Flourishing with notes on the nose of deep cherry, white-grape raisins and dry rose pedals, the wine’s scent gives just a sneak peak of its full, layered flavors. Opening up on the palate with blend of blackberry, cooked cherries and blackcurrant with touches of dry earth tones, this 100% estate grown wine builds with character with each sip. Soft tones of dry desert like roasted nuts and crumbly leaves also inch through on the palate before it concludes with a silky swallow.

Located in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, Tinhorn Creek focuses on creating quality wine with a strong emphasis on terroir. With 150 acres along the Golden Mile wine growing district, Tinhorn using sustainable farming to allow the wine to show off its natural qualities. Owned by the Shaunessy and Oldfield families since 1993, the winery produces twelve different wines under two series labels.

Next time your in Canada, I highly recommend finding a bottle of Tinhorn Creek’s wine!


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