2007 Flying Dutchman Cabernet Sauvignon

A sweet yet tart, fruit forward Cabernet Sauvignon with deep body like its rich color.

Flying Dutchman Cab

Grown in Southern Oregon at the beautiful Quail Run Vineyard, this wine’s grapes are sourced from heat and earth near Medford. From there the grapes are then transported to the winery’s home in Otter Rock on the Oregon Coast. With cold fermentation in the salt air, Flying Dutchman Winery creates unique bottles for beach goers.

Showing off a sweet aroma of chocolate covered cherries, the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon gives a sneak sniff to the deep blue and red fruit flavors that run throughout the palate. Enveloping the tongue in a sweet embrace like the tart juices of a grilled berry summer pie, this wine is more like a drinkable dessert than wine to pair with food. Unfortunately that punch of flavor drops off quickly and leaves you looking for your next sip too quickly to truly savor the glass.


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