2008 Saginaw Pinot Noir

A budget, bright sipper.

For only $14, Saginaw’s 2008 Pinot Noir is easy on the pocket and the palate. With a brown-red color and light body, the Pinot Noir breathes with an aroma of apple and cherry that could lighten any gray day. Tasting bright with notes of raspberry, red-cherry and a touch of oak, the wine is velvety yet with a twist of tartness on the tongue.

Located at the southern most end of the Willamette Valley near the quaint town of Cottage Grove, Saginaw is a small family run vineyard specializing in Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Rosé and they also dabble in other fruit based wines. The vineyards are rooted in Chehalis and Newberg alluvial loam soils in a trough where the valley and coastal mountain range foothills meet.

*My sister purchased this bottle at the Eugene, Cascades and Coast Adventure Center in Springfield, Oregon during one of their monthly Tuesday Tastings. Price based on their location.

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