J Scott Cellar’s 2009 Grenache

A dynamic, dry Grenache packed with a fragrant nose and complex palate.

I picked up this bottle of wine at one of the Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce’s Wineries without Walls events. I had previously tasted J. Scott Cellar’s Grenache while at the Portland Food and Wine Festival in early November and my palate just couldn’t forget it. Unfortunately at the event, they weren’t sampling the Grenache but in my desire for the wine I asked the winemaker, Jonathan Scott Oberlander, if he had any with him and to my delight he graciously ran out to his car a grabbed me this bottle to purchase.

Waiting for a good occasion to open the bottle, I saved the Grenache to share with my family on Christmas Eve.

With heavy notes of dark cherry and undertones of chocolate and spice, the ruby-red Grenache opened beautiful, smoothing out its initial stringent tannins. Wafting a scent “like blackberry pie cooking in the oven” as my sister described, the aromatic wine exhibited dark fruit and berry while the flavor veered toward more resinous with notes of black current. Finishing with a delicate spice, the Grenache – though wonderful alone – would pair fantastically with a slow cooked stew or a gamey dinner entree.

For only $25 this small production wine – he only made 80 cases! – is one wine that I recommend picking up as soon as possible.

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